5 Business Management Problems- One Customized Software Solution

Troublesome business processes, overburdened employees, complex data management, or unnecessary wastage of resources, which is the one thing that is becoming more concerning for your business?

Well, an agreement to even one of it signifies the existing challenges your business is failing to cope up with. It is a visible gap of the absence of a customized software solution in your business.

A lot of studies conducted and researches have proved that a customized solution has significantly reduced costs and time, while maximising productivity and ROI simultaneously. Thus, it has become one of the major factors industry drivers are making their swift shift towards opting for a customized software solution for their businesses. Moreover, the highly competitive business environment is demanding a convenient solution to eradicate complexity of processes and streamline workflow.

Biggest hubs in the market of IT, travel, textile, and many others from varied industries found their solutions when they decided not to follow the industry set guidelines, rather give industries some new paths to success with customizing their business processes to automate.

Here are some of the uncommon solutions that the experts gave to the industries for the most common challenges.

1. Automation Eradicated EXPENSIVE from Expense Management:

Cash flow is the spine of a business. Thus, healthy expense management becomes crucial to help keep it from falling. It is important to understand that one step wrong and your entire expense management can topple into a messy state of affairs.

Do you know, more than 27 percent of projects go overboard with the budget of the cost they were estimated to be? It isn’t uncommon to go over budget while working on a project. But the trouble starts arising when the gap between expenses and revenues rise. When looked upon closely, we were told that the low visibility into expense management was the massive puller of it towards gravity.

Expense management is a cumbersome task, hence the decision to automate and increase the visibility of it with a custom billing software made more sense than ever.

2. Reduces the Complexity of Accounts Management:

51.9% businesses in America lose the value of their receivables when not paid in within the 90 days of the due date. Shocking, right? It is for your business too. The repercussions have the power to wave out your entire business. Ineffective accounts management is importing high risk for your business. Therefore, you need to automate your communications with clients and vendors to be precisely in time, even if you fail to do it manually.

The traditional billing system a.k.a the manual invoice generation process is error-prone, and reasons are many. Double entry, wrong entry, skipped entries, and more create problems for an organization than just errors in sheets. It has the power to shake your entire cash flow.

The smarter and wiser decisions called for choosing a customized software solution that automated client and vendor communication for timely accounts management and increased visibility into the receivables and payables of the business.

A custom billing software has the power to simplify the management of your accounts. Thus, improving the cash flow for the business. How? Timely delivery of invoices with automation eradicates the chances of delay, clearing the first step. Further, automated reminders urge clients to pay in the time leading to the timely payment of invoices. Hence, completing the invoicing process without burdening you much. Well, that is what the AI is needed for, right?

3. Segregated yet Connected client & Vendor Portals

Clients and vendors are the two only aspects of cash out and inflow into the business. Attaining client satisfaction is one of the most important goals businesses strive for. Herein, it is important to understand that in any kind of relationship COMMUNICATION holds the key. This brings us to understand the importance of seamless integration of a customized software solution that is able to communicate with your clients automatically. Thus, maintaining rapport.

In the global market, one might have to cater to international clients requiring to adapt frameworks to create healthy relationships. For example: adding domicile taxes to invoices is one of the concerns, as it needs to be customized as per the legacy system.

A customized software solution built by Invoicera aims at decreasing the increasing mismanagement of clients and vendors due to manual errors. A completely customized solution from the same dashboard for both the parties is aimed at enhancing relations with perfectly solving queries with a goof up. The customized solution enables customization of invoices, payments, clients management, vendors management, expense management and more for efficiently tracking business activities.

4. Integration becomes seamless:

The business world is changing rapidly across the globe. In order to stay ahead of the competition in these tough times, it is important to maintain relevancy. With the evolution of businesses getting digitized has opened gates to varied avenues to expand business territories.

Customized software is capable of adapting to any form of firm you’re, B2B, B2C or SaaS firm. It enables simplified management of clients with cost-saving and making the process faster.

With multiple integrations from OpenCart, Magento, and custom eCommerce shopping, Invoicera helps in building a completely customized solution for your business. It saves costs and time by integrating into your current ERP & CRM setup.

5. Automation Improves Workflow:

In an organization, it is the workflow that decides the growth of it. Manual workflow is tedious and time-consuming, we all know. Every business works through the hierarchy it has established already. But with growth, you might notice the processes falling out and strategies getting ineffective. Therefore, the effectiveness of management can only be seen with proper communication and strategies to streamline workflow. Automation, as compared to the manual process, is much effective, timely and fast.

Custom business software with automation creates a custom workflow to bring all your staff members into a common platform. It creates a hierarchy even for your invoices approval where you can get a single invoice that can be approved by the relevant staff members and accountant to be able to send it one go. This way, you can save your time as well as cost through custom invoicing.

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Wrapping up

With driflty changing business approaches, it becomes keenly important to change business models as well. Automation and customization are some of the approaches that act as a booster to your strategies of improving processes. Ensuring smoothness, customization is the ability to enhance workflow as per your current set hierarchy. It is utmost crucial for businesses to provide quick solutions to the clients that are reliable and sustainable, at the same time. Therefore, a customized solution helps in streamlining your workflow and communication to help in keeping your business proactive.




Invoicera is online invoicing software. It allows users to monitor, dispatch, and accept invoices in one web service.

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Invoicera is online invoicing software. It allows users to monitor, dispatch, and accept invoices in one web service.

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