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Right in the middle of the night, when I was sipping my coffee and reading news about how a company lost almost $2 million just because its major documents and invoices got burnt under the sudden fire that cracked because of a major short circuit in the office.

It was devastating to see how an organization lost its existence all of a sudden. But, then my logical mind asks me, Are we that helpless to lose all that we have with just one unfortunate circumstance? Or we’re still overlooking what lies in front of us.

The global cloud ERP software market is projected to be worth 40.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 13.6% during 2019 and 2025. With such high stakes, as an enterprise one of the most precious things we possess is our documents and INVOICES. Invoices are our key to monetary rewards to be received for the goods and services we offered.

Enterprises often work in a competitive environment wherein they have to constantly improve their business process in order to thrive. Management of a huge client base, along with regular billing to ensure timely payments are some of the key challenges they face on a daily basis. How to handle this problem?

Look no more as we provide you the most suitable solution for your challenges, customized software solution.

Here is a list of few needs out of thousands that tell us why we all need a customized software solution for our companies:

  1. To Have Bespoke Invoicing

Client management is an integral part of a developing enterprise. Since enterprises have to cater to a large client base, hence they face the challenge of supporting their business process and complement their customer satisfaction rate for efficiency. They need to send them regular invoices against the services provided to maintain transparency in their communication.

Often times, these invoices are not customized as per the need which leads to complacency and renders the whole communication ineffective. Apart from invoices they also have to manage and track their expenses in order to strategize proficiently for their business and look towards developing their established business verticals.

A customized software will provide them with a single-window solution to manage their clients on a single platform. Through this platform, they can also manage their expenses, invoices, and much more for enhanced productivity of the enterprise and also save costs and time for better ROI.

In A Nutshell

* A completely customized invoicing solution as per your company’s requirement to set you apart from the others in the lot.
* It lets you add functionality requirements and improve business productivity.

2. An Automated Payment System

Payments are the basic blood flow for any business type. It is an integral part of any enterprise which has to be managed tactfully to maintain healthy cash flow. As per reports, Businesses in America lose up to 51.9% of the value of their B2B receivables that are not paid within 90 days of the due date. Thus monitoring your payments is vital.

Enterprises receive their payment through clients out of whom many are recurrent profiles that need to be billed periodically. They have to manage their clients efficiently and track their pending payments too. Record keeping plays a major role over here as late payments hamper the cash reserve leading to severe cash flow.

Enterprises can manage their payments easily with Customized billing software. They can track their due payments and levy late payment charges, Customized software solution built through Invoicera automates their invoicing process by automatically sending timely invoices to the clients. You can receive payment through 30+ payment gateways and send invoices in multiple languages and currencies.

In A Nutshell

  • Recurring billing profiles can be created for easily receiving automatic payments from subscription-based clients.
  • Easily manage payments, dues, credits, and reports in one single dashboard.

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3. It Lets You Have Complete Control with Self-Hosted Solutions

Sourcing integral processes such as invoice creation and payment management to a third party source seem like a viable option in order to save costs, but oftentimes, third party sourcing is prone to data mismanagement leading to data theft or leakage.

Enterprises look forward to hosting third-party software on their own premises. This allows them full authoritative control over their data and business processes. This is an efficient step to increase the utility of your businesses which can be enhanced with Customized Solution designed through Invoicera which have done more than 60+ integrations.

Invoicera provide you software that adapts your existing framework and allows integration into your own existing ERP & CRM systems. You can integrate several e-commerce shopping carts integration like Magento, Zen Cart, Open Cart, Shopify and several other custom carts of your choice along with AR & AP management.

In A Nutshell

* With on-premise hosting, the data remains with you and have complete control over your invoicing data.
* The efficiency of hosting business to your customers and branding solutions. 60+ integration with e-commerce shopping carts along with AR & AP management.

4. Complete B2B communication

Like in every business maintaining a sense of transparency goes a long way in forging stronger bonds. Likewise, enterprises have to maintain a clear record of their accounts, scheduled documents, inventories and much more in order to be clear in terms of their existing scenario and plan in accordance with their resources.

Account management is an important aspect for an enterprise as they have to keep a record of their purchase orders, inventory and expenses for proper business planning. Thus sending out such invoices on time is pre-requisite for timely account management. The detailed account information will also help them to plan their strategy and plan for better development

Invoicera provides you the best solution to manage all the complex tasks with ease. It takes care of all your accounts and pending payments and helps you to manage your inventory efficiently. This way you can see a stark growth in your efficiency and productivity of your business processes.

In A Nutshell

*Manage invoices, purchase orders and expenses with ease.
* Send out all documents in a timely manner.
* Send and receive purchase orders and estimates and convert them into invoices.
* Manage buyers and vendors in a single dashboard.

5. Improve productivity with custom work-flow management

Every enterprise has its own established hierarchy which facilitates its workflow. This brings their staff members together and improves their communication in order to make the processes smoother and more fruitful.

With a customized software solution you can create custom workflows for your firm. Set authorities and approve your staff members for creating an in-house invoice approval workflow on a single platform.

Keep track of your employees’ productivity and set tasks for them. Manage all your staff members, projects and data through one single platform for better management in a 3 layered secured environment.

In A Nutshell

  • Derive a custom workflow for your business.
  • Establish an in-house invoice approval process to send accurate invoices in one go.
  • Keep a track of all your staff members, projects and data from a single platform in a secure environment.

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The enterprises require custom billing software that can keep the pace of business. The profitability of any account depends on the cash flow. The key factor for the revenue growth in enterprises includes new technological advances with innovative solutions to gain the overall competitive advantage. Invoicera is one of the best enterprise billing software available in the market. With an experience of 16+ years and an ever-growing user base of 3 million users worldwide. Invoicera is widely appreciated for its features and customer services.

Simply manage your business processes with the best custom billing software. Invoicera automates your work and helps you reduce time and costs for better productivity. Having delivered 100’s of projects and maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate.

Originally published at on December 5, 2019.



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