How Invoicing & Online Payment Continues to Evolve in 2021

Paperless billing has several advantages, reduced paper waste and energy savings, including reducing printing cost, transportation cost, and delivery. Companies have many benefits from paperless billing because it allows more efficient, convenient, and streamlined payment processes. It improves business cash flow and manages credits and discounts while also allowing businesses to generate revenue more quickly.

When online payment or invoicing became popular, it created changes of growth for both consumers and businesses. Features like customer payment portals, recurring billing, and alternative payment options have become far more accessible for customers to pay and companies to get paid.

Invoicing has also changed over the years from manual invoicing to online invoicing with a feature like an expense tracking system and custom workflow management. In today’s world, online invoicing has become one of the most popular and efficient tools. But how many times we professed our love for the software that has made our lives so much easier?

Today, you use an automated online invoicing software that is fast, smooth, and simple; it evolved from a fascinating history of technical advances in invoicing.

Evolution of Online Invoices

Online invoicing, which preceded manual invoicing, is not a new phenomenon. For more than three decades, paperless electronic invoices have existed. The oldest or first invoice created more than 7 hundred years ago, which wasn’t precisely an invoice but a list of the goods’ expenses.

With the advancement of technology, invoices continue to develop because they send to clients all over the world every day. Punch cards, which pave the way for information technology in the industry, are no longer used. Despite this, paper billing has not become extinct. Invoicing processes are becoming increasingly streamlined and digitized as more companies make the transition to digital.

Invoices are expected to continue to evolve in the same direction, according to Billentis. The global e-invoicing market is expected to hit $17.3 billion by 2024, up from $3.6 billion today.

Now, what will the next 5 to 7 years bring? Where is e-invoicing going, and how might it affect enterprises? To know this, let’s take a look at invoicing trends:

Trends in Online Invoicing


Businesses have saved millions of dollars on paper, printing, and delivery costs using paperless billing systems. According to a recent study, electronic and automated invoice processes can save 60–80 percent from conventional paper-based processing.

Customers can also use paperless billing to arrange their finances, payment schedules better and avoid late fees using custom invoicing software. It also relieves customers’ burden of managing and organizing large stacks of paper, contributing to better business growth.


Cloud computing is widely adopted by companies of all sizes around the world. With Cloud-based software, you can easily access the invoices from anywhere and whenever you like. Cloud-based billing solutions simplify service delivery while also allowing for seamless integration with its existing systems.

Businesses are looking to take advantage provided by cloud-based billing as more firms concentrate on cutting costs. They adopt the cloud to cost savings invoices and increase business agility as data security and privacy issues.


Automation is already here in many ways, but it may not utilize its full potential. Some companies still deliver invoices, late notices, and reminders manually.

Setting up automatic actions is a simple way to accomplish faster growth. Let’s take an example, Think of when your bill overdue by more than 30 days?

A reminder email automatically sends to the client when an account is due. That means less time spent by employees on invoicing and more time spent on growing the company.

Real-time billing enables businesses to discover new revenue-generating opportunities while also improving company cash flow. With automated software, the enterprise can easily compare their usage costs with pricing models and manage their service better.


Customers can get the most of their services by using web-based portals, which provide them operational convenience and 24/7 support.

Custom software gives companies a way to understand their customer’s needs and design services based on their feedback, grievances, and enhancement requests.

Online Invoicing enforces invoicing services faster while lowering the cost of doing so. Finally, with web-based invoices, companies can easily auto-bill their customers and keep them up to date on invoice status.


There will a time come when electronic invoices will be adopted all over the world. It hasn’t arrived yet, but it is undoubtedly on its way.

For more than a decade, governments in Central and South America have pushed electronic invoicing in every sector.

Even the EU has passed the law of compulsory e-invoicing for all government transactions. The law is expected to spread across the private sector and to increase electronic invoicing across the continent.

Asia is on the rise in online invoicing and expected to achieve saturation within the next 10 years. Custom invoicing is getting quickly adopted in India and China, where B2B e-invoicing is approaching 70% and 80%.

Future Assumptions

“Making predictions, particularly about the future, is difficult.”The most recent market trends show that automation is becoming more popular; the payment process will evolve from seamless manual working to one-click e-invoicing solutions.

In the coming 10 years companies prefer Payment methods that are less critical than payment convenience. Even today’s time, companies prefer one-click solutions, even though the payment options are more limited.

With online invoicing software, companies can control the entire customer experience, not just the final payment. Traditional payments like checks and credit cards will decline as digital payments become more prevalent, forcing companies to look for new revenue sources.

Custom invoicing software will implement in-house gateway programs and remove third-party partners’ needs in the payment coverage.

Software that perfectly Fits for online invoicing!

INVOICERA is a cloud-based invoicing and billing software with 3 to 5 million users worldwide for 16+ years. The online invoicing software works on a unique feature of customization, according to the individual business.

Invoicing software enables you to create and send invoices directly to your customers. The tool provides you with payments from home and basic features like tracking time and expenses management and integrating all payment gateways, so you don’t have to wait for a paper invoice in the mail.

Invoicera provides multiple features for existing customers and attracts new users.

● Software is customizable as per the need of any enterprise.

● Automate and simplify your business cash flow processes.

● Quality of working AR & AP in a single dashboard

● Provide multiple payment gateways.

● Client Portal helps to facilitate communication.

● Save all invoices in the cloud so, you do not need to worry about backup for your files and invoices.

With the all-new revolutionary invoice approval process, Invoicera lets you send accurate invoices automatically, in one go.


In this Blog, we’ve covered what an invoice is and how Invoicing & Online Payment Continues to Evolve. There are numerous business benefits of custom online invoicing software, such as time tracking, client management, AR & AP, and expense management, making online-Invoicing an appealing option.

Digitalization eliminates manual outgoing invoice processes and allows much faster cash flow with immediate invoice delivery; with this, any company can access their client information anytime, anywhere, and on various devices.

Thanks to online billing and payment solutions that help to view, review, and reconcile invoices at their leisure, giving companies a competitive advantage.




Invoicera is online invoicing software. It allows users to monitor, dispatch, and accept invoices in one web service.

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Invoicera is online invoicing software. It allows users to monitor, dispatch, and accept invoices in one web service.

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