Humans With Machines: What Businesses Can Achieve with the Collaboration of Humans and AI Tools?

Humans With Machines: What Businesses Can Achieve with the Collaboration of Humans and AI Tools?


In the world of business, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making headlines as one of the newest pieces of technology companies can use to better their businesses and provide a high level of service to their customers. But, what exactly is AI?

AI refers to computer software or programming that allows machines or computers to think, learn, and solve problems at levels that are considered to be intelligent, comparable to humans.

Despite how helpful it may be, many business owners still wonder if this technology will make any difference in their business and how they can use it to benefit them and their customers alike.

You know that every business needs to do its best to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why it’s essential to maintain pace with the latest technology and how it can impact your bottom line.

Let’s explore the next section to know the future of Human-Machine collaboration in the business world-

The Future of Human-Machine Collaboration

The Future of Human-Machine Collaboration


Human-machine collaboration describes how humans and machines can work together in our everyday lives. From the earliest examples of steam-powered machinery to the collaborative robots we’re working on today, automating work has greatly contributed to our productivity.

We all understand that technology is progressing at a breakneck speed. The latest advances include self-driving cars, smart homes, and much more.

However, perhaps one of the most intriguing developments is human-machine collaboration — a collaborative interaction between humans and machines.

By developing effective ways to collaborate with technology, you can make business processes faster and more accurate while reducing costs. To tap into such potential, businesses need to handle data in real-time using scalable architecture and high-performance computing (HPC).

That way, businesses will be well-positioned for industry disruption by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 3D printing.

Such capabilities will also allow them to remain competitive amidst changing customer behaviors and expectations.

This is especially true when it comes to marketing channels that are shifting rapidly towards digital channels — requiring companies to streamline their operations through automation.

It all amounts to one overarching goal: moving towards a seamless experience that integrates both humans and technology, so they work together in harmony toward common goals.

Thus, we can say that the future of humans and machines working together looks promising. Let’s see some of the benefits of this unique collaboration-

Top 6 Benefits You Can Reap By Harnessing the Power Of Humans and AI-based Machines

Top 6 Benefits You Can Reap By Harnessing the Power Of Humans and AI-based Machines


1. Humans + Machines= Happiness

In many ways, humans have always been at odds with technology. Nowadays, though, there is a widespread fear that robots are taking our jobs. The truth is that you can’t neglect human interaction in businesses; for example, we often feel a need to meet face-to-face when doing important business deals or speaking to clients about complicated matters.

As technology gets more advanced, we will undoubtedly find new ways to work together so that machines can help us make business decisions faster than ever before.

The way forward is incorporating computers into every part of your company’s workflow — from timekeeping software helping you keep track of billable hours to data analytics tools telling you which marketing methods are working best.

Together, humans and machines can help you achieve more while enjoying life more!

2. Humans + Machines= Productivity

The union of humans and machines is becoming increasingly common in every industry. The most successful businesses in 2017 were those that made space for humans to work alongside machines. This creates a beautiful synergy between human creativity, intelligence, and expertise and machine processing power, memory capacity, speed, accuracy — the very thing that makes robots so efficient at performing mundane tasks that people don’t want to do anyway. It’s estimated that we spend 50% of our time doing things we hate doing.

If a little piece of technology can take care of these beneath us tasks — such as data entry or menial customer service calls — we can focus on higher-value functions such as new product development or relationship management.

3. Humans + Machines= Safety

While it might be tempting to use artificial intelligence to solve every business challenge, businesses should focus on areas where humans can’t — or shouldn’t — be in control. Human-machine partnerships in which both parties complement each other are safer, more efficient, and more effective than human-only solutions.

The artificial intelligence revolution is well underway. Let’s make sure we lead it in a way that makes us safer, freer, healthier, smarter, and happier.

4. Humans + Machines= Profits

Through the use of technological innovation to make organizations more efficient, businesses can save costs while also streamlining internal operations. But humans + machines= profits only when careful consideration is given to how these tools are used.

In our increasingly digital world, there’s a desire for automation that frequently makes companies forget about what sets them apart from other businesses — their people. Focusing on human interaction will enable you to leverage technology in a way that improves your bottom line.

5. Humans + Machines= Performance

The new buzzword in most businesses is people+ machines= performance. However, it is not only a buzzword but also a new way of working. A combination of people and machines can result in enhanced job performance and higher quality in customer service.

While it may sound like some sci-fi story, it has become a reality. Combining humans with machines gives rise to one integrated system that functions seamlessly to deliver top-notch solutions. It’s incredible how effectively people+machines work together!

6. Humans + Machines= Profit and Growth

The Best Time to Bring Together Humans and Machines Is Now. While tools like artificial intelligence (AI) have been in use for quite some time, their integration into business operations has recently taken off.

For example, many businesses are using AI-driven chatbots for customer service and operational efficiency, making sure every department can access all relevant information instantaneously, 24/7. The trend isn’t going away any time soon; in fact, we’re on pace to see it only intensify.

Thus, you can see that profit and growth are inevitable with humans and machines working together.

Why Is Workstatus A Great AI-Enabled Machine that works well in Collaboration With Humans?


Workstatus is a workforce management software powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This tool can boost productivity at all levels, from executives to frontline sales reps. It helps businesses focus on activities that yield a greater return on investment (ROI) by automating mundane tasks.

It also allows users to perform better by providing all relevant data regarding potential opportunities. Workstatus helps companies make better decisions based on accurate figures from lead scoring to forecasting.

Let’s see what all tasks you can automate with Workstatus to enhance productivity and growth-

Project Budgeting

Project Budgeting

The task of budgeting for each stage of a project can be an overwhelming, tedious process, mainly if you’re managing multiple projects at once.

To automate these tasks and save yourself some time, check out Workstatus. It is a helpful tool that works well in collaboration with humans.

This innovative piece of software allows project managers to set up milestones and manage budgets from anywhere in real-time; it’s ideal for teams working on multiple projects who are looking to maximize their efficiency and resources.

It can collect and consolidate data into one easy dashboard. It combines both financial and operational data into one view to help keep you organized, informed, and ahead of schedule.

Sign up to try the best AI-enabled task management software here-

2. Productivity Measurement

Productivity Measurement

Workstatus is a workplace management software that enables companies to efficiently collect and store data about their employees’ productivity, status updates, and on-the-job behavior.

It offers a variety of valuable metrics; its dashboards can be customized by adding or removing information and saved company-wide or limited to specific groups.

Some metrics include the keystroke level, which measures the number of keystrokes an employee makes during any given period.

With its work hour calculator feature, you can calculate time spent on each task and track how long it takes someone to complete his or her assignments in real-time.

3. Maintaining Timesheets

Maintaining Timesheets

Taking time off from work is part of life, but tracking it can be a headache. Workstatus helps automate that process by storing records of every task you perform, every project you complete, and every day off you take.

That way, your manager (or HR) can pull up real-time reports on your progress at any time. This constant feedback loop makes managing an HR team much easier — and it also streamlines performance reviews, which saves time and stress for everyone involved.

4. Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Workstatus makes it easy to monitor employee attendance and view their daily schedule entirely. It ensures that employees are taking into account their workload and making appropriate time-off requests so you can ensure no tasks or work hours go without attention.

You can approve an employee’s request, reject it, or put it on hold until further notice with just a single click. Be ready for any unexpected events in your office with Workstatus’ Android and iOS app.

Managers and business owners can check on schedules from anywhere and receive notifications when anything changes or new requests are made in case they need to be there in person to approve or deny them.

Being an excellent Geofence time tracking software, Workstatus can also help you in monitoring remote and on-field workers by creating virtual job sites for them so that you always know when your particular employee entering or leaving a job site.

5. Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling

An employee scheduling software or system can take a load off your plate, as well as offer you a little more time to get creative with your work. The software does all of the legwork for you so that you don’t have to. Since each employee has a different schedule, it’s hard to know who needs to be where and when.

Automating employee scheduling makes everything easier. Instead of creating schedules from scratch, you simply enter who needs to be there and when they need to be there.

Then, based on the availability and skill required for each task or job position that is due, an automated scheduling program will create optimized schedules around these requirements.

6. Invoicing


Your team can use Workstatus to automate invoicing and put an end to lag time in your billing process. If a client pays up late or misses a payment altogether, you’ll get notifications about it via email. The platform keeps track of every invoice you send and receive, so your bookkeeping is clean and easy.

In addition, Workstatus adds special touches like optional notes or reminders attached to each invoice sent, which further streamlines communication between clients and businesses as they work together toward reaching an agreement on costs.

7. Project Estimation

Project Estimation

Projects rarely go as planned, and you should do your best to allow room for change. To manage expectations and ensure you deliver quality work on time, automating project estimation can be a tremendous help.

Workstatus understands what resources are available, how long tasks take humans, and more. It’s designed specifically for teams that need transparency into their workflow processes, so it works well with most projects (which makes it different from other tools).

This means team members have access to all relevant information about a project before they start working, including estimates on when tasks will be completed.

Closing Thoughts

In today’s modern age, technological innovations are in high demand. Whether it be Artificial Intelligence (AI) or predictive data analysis tools, technology is a vital component of any business model these days.

What’s more, businesses have become aware of just how effective AI can be when used as an integral part of their operations.

While 61% of companies understand that humans working together with machines is a priority for success in today’s digital era, 45% still don’t know where to start when it comes to integrating these intelligent systems into their companies’ ecosystems.

As such, what businesses should do right now is create actionable goals based on their company needs — ultimately leading them towards human-machine collaboration.

Request a free demo of Workstatus for effective remote employee monitoring.

Invoicera is online invoicing software. It allows users to monitor, dispatch, and accept invoices in one web service.

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Invoicera is online invoicing software. It allows users to monitor, dispatch, and accept invoices in one web service.

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